Icy conditions cause jump in Emergency Room visits

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 19:28:24-05

From Lakeside Hospital out west,  to Nebraska Medical Center in Midtown and CHI Creighton near downtown,  Emergency Rooms were filled with people who slipped and got badly hurt on the ice.

"It was pretty slippery out went to take the trash out and wasn't able to stand very well. Almost wiped out pretty good," said Jeff Putjenter.

Hospitals are packed today with patients who've slipped and fallen.

"I think it surprised everyone. I don't think people were expecting it to be icy. They saw rain and then they went outside and that's what most of the people talked about," said Dr. William Gossman, Bergan Mercy. "They went outside and then there was a thin film of ice."

Delila Cordoba is about three months pregnant. She's being treated at Bergan Mercy after slipping on her driveway this morning.

"I don't remember falling but when I got up everything was like spinning and I felt like my body parts were just somewhere," said Cordoba. "I couldn't like try to get up because everything was just like spinning." 

Doctors say the injuries they've treated today range from concussions to sprained wrists and broken bones. 

Some figures from earlier Tuesday of patients who have fall related injuries: 

Nebraska Medicine - 21 patients

Creighton University Medical Center - 3 patients

Immanuel - 6 patients

Mercy Council Bluffs - 15 patients

Lakeside - 20+ patients

Bergan Mercy - 22 patients

Methodist Hospital - 21 patients

Methodist Women’s Hospital - 7 patients

These numbers are expected to increase. The spike in patients meant longer lines in the ER.

"We've had to bring in more staff, many extra physicians, many extra nurses and administrators have had to come down and move patients to make room for other patients," said Dr. Gossman.