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Imaginarium Superstore will soon close for good: Owners story isn't over

Posted at 8:12 PM, Nov 10, 2023
  • Imaginarium Super Store downtown closing for good.
  • Last Day November 22
  • Owners opening a new thrift store in Benson
  • Almost everything 50% off in current store.


On the corner of 16th and Leavenworth, sits a downtown treasure, full of treasures.

"It's been a big part of the community, we have loved being here, a really nice neighborhood,” said Bob Schafer, co-owner of the Imaginarium Super Store.

Bob and Sarah Schafer took ownership of the store five years ago.

"It's giant,” said Bob.

The over 18-thousand-square-foot building is loaded with books, movies, home goods, furniture, clothes and so much more.

"We have a lot of vendors, so a lot of different personalities are reflected in the store. That way we've been able to kind of have something for everyone,” said Sarah.

Bob says every customer is greeted as they enter. A store with a unique experience everywhere you look, especially on the stage in the back.

"That was probably my favorite part of owning this store,” said Sarah. “We offered unique weddings, where they could choose their own theme, their music, and a little more nontraditional.”

And with their lease ending, they made the decision to close the doors for good with the last day on Nov. 22.

"It was a good opportunity to move to a smaller location, something a little more manageable. This is a little overwhelming to keep up,” said Sarah.

Moving on to Benson, opening a new store.

"It will be called Alley Cat Vintage, a similar vibe but a much smaller space," said Sarah. "It's on the top floor of Triangle Auto Body, it used to be Clifford’s cycle,” said Bob.

On the corner of Binney and Military.

"We really enjoyed the art community downtown, and we are really looking forward to connecting with the art community in Benson," said Sarah.

Some of what is in the current store will be going to the new store.

But to help clear out the rest, almost everything is 50% off.

"Neither one of us ever imagined that we would you know gone this far, and we are going to take it to the next, we are going to try to make it a little fancier of a store next time," said Bob. "It's just a different door, we are opening a different door."

And while almost everything in the store is about 50% off, there are some items that they will be placed out in front of the store for free.

Follow them, the Imaginarium Super Store on Facebook, to find out what will be free that day.

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