In its fifth year, Junkstock is bigger than ever

Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 18:43:57-04

From 20 vendors five years ago, to more than 120 today, Junkstock knows how to attract a crowd. 

“If you build it they will come, well they keep coming and coming,” said PR Director Danelle Schlegelmilch. 

Junkstock’s PR director says the event is so popular that they added this weekend’s spring show. 

"Nebraska's weather is unpredictable, but junkers come rain or shine, so we thought let’s just give it a try and obviously people are coming,” said Schlegelmilch.

Opening day at Junkstock was bustling with buyers. 

“I blew my wad of money the first couple of booths,” said one shopper.

Vendors welcomed shoppers with open arms.  Years ago Illinois based vendor Mike Brown was hesitant to bring his furniture to town. 

“Why would you want to come to Omaha, well I found out why,” said Brown.

Brown says he does some of his best business at Junkstock.  But, if treasure hunting isn’t for you, the food is enough to make you flock to Junkstock. 

“I got the tots, just solo, no sloppy and a rib eye steak sandwich,” said Jason Cada.

Even the food selection has grown over the past five years. 

Just how big has Junkstock gotten?

“The June event is going to be our last show at the dairy farm and then we are going to pack up everything and move two miles down the road to a new farm,” said Schlegelmilch. 

A bigger space starting in the fall of 2016 means more vendors, music and food. 

“It has a lot more land for us to spread our wings and grow, we are excited for that,” said Schlegelmilch.
Junkstock goes from April 8-10.