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In the classroom: Elementary students rotate classrooms

Posted at 8:24 AM, Feb 21, 2018

One Ralston elementary school is trying something new this year.  Fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Meadows are rotating from class to class throughout the day instead of staying put. 

"We just kind of have the dream team this year, so this is the year we really felt that we could provide all this for our students," said Principal Lisa Schroeder. 

The concept is called departmentalizing.  Principal Lisa Schroeder says instead of teaching multiple subjects, teachers focus on just one.  Students switch from class to class every hour and then go back to homeroom for reading.  

Cathy Fugleberg specializes in math and says she is proud her school took on this challenge.  Principal Schroeder says the test scores prove this method is working. 

Sixth grader Mia Tvrdy admits she was confused by the concept in the beginning. 

"At first I thought it was very strange because we never used to change and it is the only school that I went to that changed classes.  It is like middle school," said Mia. 

But, that is the point.  Switching classrooms and getting acclimated with different teachers and settings has these kids ahead of the game. 

Marissa Yochum says she likes being on the move. 

"You get to walk to the classroom and sit down and then you're ready to learn because you got your wiggles out," said Yochum.