In The Classroom: Practicing life skills

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 09:10:52-04
Some special education students from Papillion-La Vista South get to put their new skills to the test.
Texas Roadhouse opened its doors to the eager students who recently mastered the etiquette of eating out.
"Are you guys hungry yah"
On Thursday more than a dozen Papillion-La Vista South High School students gathered at the Texas Roadhouse in Papillion.
"Are you going to order chicken or a hot dog" But this trip wasn't just to feast."Here you go Abby, thank you." It was about putting their new skills to the test."So I understand you have been learning about restaurant ettiquete "
Throughout the year in their social skills class, the special education students learn about everything from conversation topics to going out to eat. "I'd like to have chicken tenders please with fries please." "There is no better activity than when you're in the environment to perform the skills we have been working on"
Their restaurant etiquette unit coincides perfectly with a special school event coming up."Actually this girl Kate Northhouse she asked me out to prom."
Prom is on Saturday, and many of the students will be dining at Texas Roadhouse before the big dance.
"I Put table clothes on the table put napkins, titan blue, really make it special for them.""Not only does this help prepare the students for prom teachers say hands on activities like this help prepare them for real life situations"
"What does a waitress do, what does a hostess do, what is a tip?"
Special Education teacher Shannon Tolstedt says the social skills class is meant to prepare her students for success after school. "I have a lot of social skills I need to work on and I think this class is really helping me." The students say throughout the year they've mastered their manners."Saying please and thank you.""Like don't burp at the table that is a hard one for me."
Texas Roadhouse manager Steve Jackson says he was very impressed. "They worked especially hard on please and thank yous and manners and things like that."
Jackson says he is happy to host the class, It's a way to thank the teachers for their hard work. The students and staff say they were just as thankful for the opportunity."We so appreciate all your support, see yah Steven"