InCommon Vandalized and Broken Into

Posted at 5:42 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 18:42:15-04

The executive director says he believes the open view windows may be the reason they were targeted.

“I thought it was sad that people would break into somewhere people are so nice and help out the community,” said Tineke Meyer.

A place in the middle of what some call a vulnerable neighborhood was made a target early Monday morning.


"They broke into the building using a rock and it looked like they were after some gaming equipment," said InCommon Executive Director Christian Gray.


 Gray says it's a public access building where people come to study, use computers and play video games,  and these windows give thieves a glimpse of what's inside.


 "We've seen some issues in the neighborhood with drug motivated theft so that's my best guest for what happened," Gray said.


He says the thieves didn't get away with much.


Luckily everything else was locked down,” Gray said.


“We have some cable locks on a number of our other technology pieces so they left pretty empty handed besides that play station," Gray continued.


 In the same weekend the truck InCommon uses to create employment opportunities was also vandalized.


"We have a really great support community who is behind us and really value the work we do in this neighborhood, through the good and the bad that come with it," Gray said.


 Gray says police do have some surveillance video.


"What we do, because of the windows and the sort of public access, we are vulnerable to those things and they will happen from time to time," Gray said.


The executive director says despite the setback, it’s a strong neighborhood that continues to make progress.