Incriminating notes disclosed, prosecution rests

Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 18:36:34-04

The State rests their case in Douglas County District Court, but not before some of arguably the most damning circumstantial evidence against Anthony Garcia on Wednesday. 

Garcia is charged with the murders of Thomas Hunter and Shirlee Sherman in 2008 and Dr. Roger and Mary Brumback in 2013 allegedly as revenge for being fired from the Creighton Pathology Department in 2001.

Inside a sparsely furnished Terre Haute, IN home police find what prosecutors believe proves that Garcia never stopped thinking about his 2001 firing from Creighton.

The day he was arrested on July 15, 2013, OPD detectives searched his home.  Documents are located inside a trash bag in the kitchen sink soaked in water and a chemical.

Authorities find a letter denying Garcia’s termination appeal which had Dr. Brumback and Dr. William Hunter’s names on it.  Also there was a 2001 evaluation from Dr. Chhanda Bewtra.

Hand written notes in the bag discussed many things like how to steal a person's identity named Anthony Garcia, breaking in to a home, tying someone up, and how to go undetected.

"Shoes, Sears, black, disposable, band aides on tips of fingers, gloves, shoes on only before house, no time, loan, pawn furniture, fake driver's license, crow bar, beer, ATM, cash, park around corner, wear cap/gloves," Chief Deputy Douglas Co. Attorney Brenda Beadle reads off one note in court Wednesday.

Legal analyst Randy Paragas says it's not unusual to see an individual almost obsessively take notes...

"While it's not again forensic evidence it certainly is some very damning circumstantial evidence that was placed in evidence today and as we discussed earlier circumstantial evidence can prove a case,” Paragas explained.

The defense argued if Garcia wanted to get rid of the documents he had a shredder and fireplace.  Also, he didn’t have fake ID’s or cloned credit cards on him so he didn’t carry out anything written.

When Garcia's arrested his vehicle is searched in Union Co., IL.

Crime Lab Tech Amanda Miller testifies about what is found inside his Mercedes SUV.  Authorities find more documents in a bag and binder including more hand written notes.  Prosecutors point out Garcia wrote a hardship letter for foreclosure on his home, which stated he hadn't worked since January 2013, his parents sent him $10,000 in March 2013, and he suffered from clinical depression.

The defense’s first witness Karl Reich, a DNA analyst, testified that Garcia’s DNA could be excluded from the Dundee, and Brumback scenes.  Reich also stated that Garcia’s DNA is excluded from the Bewtra doorknob.  But Reich could not say that in front the jury only on the record.  That would possibly trigger an added hearing or a chance for the County Attorney’s Office to use a rebuttal witness.

Prosecutors argue his DNA couldn’t be excluded from the Bewtra door showing his intent to carry out the crimes.