International Nutrition re-opens after collapse

Posted at 4:21 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 18:23:04-04

Two and a half years after a deadly collapse an Omaha feed processing business reopens.

International nutrition marked their re-grand opening of their newly built facility Friday.

In January 20, 2014, the roof collapsed at the manufacturing plant while workers were inside.  Two people were killed and about 10 were injured.

The president of International Nutrition, Steve Silver says much of their production had to be out-sourced, and they could not have rebuilt without help.

"It's taken a lot of effort in the meantime to keep the business going and we have, and the business has grown in the meantime,” Silver explained. "This facility has all of the latest safety codes and building codes so it's a very safe place."

The company manufactures nutritional and medicated products for livestock and poultry.

Greg Ibach, the Director of the NE Department of Agriculture, says the company has done lots of work to get Nebraska products across the globe.

"Because they were a major presence in the international marketplace here in Nebraska and so this is just a great opportunity to celebrate their coming from the ashes if you will,” Ibach described.

Silver discussed his employees, and if they were able to keep most after the collapse.

"We have a number of employees that were here before unfortunately I had to lay off some employees we didn't need because of no production here," Silver noted.

The company will hang a plaque inside the plant to honor the two men who died after the collapse, David Ball and Keith Everett.

International Nutrition did pay a $78,000 fine to OSHA, but admitted no wrong-doing in the collapse.

They hope to start full production next week.