Iowa Sales Tax Holiday preview

Posted at 5:16 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 18:27:08-04

Racks are full and the shelves are stocked at one Council Bluffs Walmart and it's all in anticipation for two of Iowa’s busiest shopping days.

“It is a big shopping day for our customers, because they are coming in to get savings on footwear and apparel here in Iowa,” said Walmart Senior Manager, Robyn Babbitt.

On both Friday and Saturday in Iowa, clothes and shoes under $100 are exempt from sales tax.  In Council Bluffs the sales tax is seven percent. 

“We've done it probably for the past two to three years now,” said one shopper.

Each year many local families do a brunt of their back to school shopping during Iowa’s Sales Tax Holiday.

“Some case studies show that in your average basket during the Sales Tax Holiday, people will save as much money to purchase another item or two,” said Babbitt. 

According to a survey by Retail-Me-Not, parents will spend $273 on average per child to send them back to school.  Parents say they look for anyway to save.

“Actually most of my friends will be out here shopping for their kids for back to school,” said one shopper.

“It's just sales tax, but I guess every penny counts,” said another shopper. 

In Council Bluffs the Sales Tax Holiday isn't just great for families; it’s great for the city.  Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce President Bob Mundt says many Omahans will cross the river to save. 

“If they're shopping hopefully they'll eat here, they'll fill up their car here, they'll go to the movies here, those types of things.  We have so many opportunities over here for them to do good shopping so we appreciate that,” said Bob Mundt.