Iowans can now shoot off fireworks on the 4th

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 19:53:51-04

It’s the day we all celebrate America’s birthday—the 4th of July.

But a new Iowa state law allows the sale and firing off of fireworks and stands in the city have been packed since they’ve opened.

This is the first time these kids light off fireworks ever.

“We can actually do it here at home now and enjoy it,” said Curtis Betts, and it’s the first time the Betts family could shoot them off on their driveway.

“It’s something that me and my kids can do and we enjoy doing it together, playing in the sprinkler and lighting fireworks we have a ball it’s something we really love to do,” said Betts.

The Council Bluffs city council rushed to figure out a city ordinance to deal with the where vendors could sell and where people could shoot them off at.

Vendors like Bellinos on West Broadway say they’ve been packed.

“I had one guy come in here and bought a whole bunch of fireworks said okay that’s all I’m going to do for the 4th he’s been here every night 10:30 on the nose spending a lot of money—let’s just say,” said Jim Pawless.

The fireworks burn a hole in pockets spending more money in the state.

“It’s easy to just come up here and buy them and it’s really fast and I don’t have to pack up my daughter and go too far it’s right down the street so I really enjoy it,” said Heather Shaffer.

“Pretty excited, we’re going to have a good time tonight,” said Rachel Durr.

Bellino’s tent at West Broadway will close at midnight and but according to the new ordinance you have to stop shooting them off at 11p.m.