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'It deserves a chance to live,' says Bellevue woman fighting to save tree

Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 18, 2021

BELLEVUE, Neb. (KMTV) — One Bellevue property owner is in a race for time, as she is trying to save a tree on her property from being cut down.

"This one is scheduled to come down tomorrow. I'm trying to get a stay of execution because it's living and breathing. It's for our environment. We need trees for shade, and this tree provides a lot of shade for this house," said Sheree Pelton, the property owner.

The City of Bellevue left a notice at the property, but by the time she received it, it was too late.

"The code enforcement gives you a small window of 15 days to appeal it, and if you miss that, there is basically no negotiation," said Pelton.

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Pelton had an arborist come out to evaluate the tree. They told her that one branch, which is hanging over the neighbor's driveway, could possibly become hazardous. The arborist suggested cutting off the branch, as they say the rest of the tree is healthy.

" I am more than happy, if we have a bad tree or something is wrong, I'll take it down. This is a silver maple by the way. It's not an ash tree with ash borer disease. It's not a pine tree, it doesn't have pine wilt. It deserves a chance to live," said Pelton.

Pelton said cutting down the maple tree is going to cost her thousands of dollars, and if the city does it, she believes it could cost even more.

"Help me help this tree," said Pelton. "It's living, it's breathing, it's crying, it wants to live. That's a bit dramatic, but it's true. This is Bellevue, the city of trees, well let's take care of them. Let's save our trees."

Pelton said that to the best of her knowledge, none of the other trees on the street have to come down.