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Jobs Guide gives tips on how to land a job during a pandemic

Posted at 6:49 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 19:55:15-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Jobs Guide has made it their mission to help connect people seeking employment to companies that are hiring. They've adapted during the pandemic and have been able to reach even more people.

The company hosts a job fair on the first Wednesday of every month. Since the coronavirus pandemic, they've held their fairs in a drive-thru model.

"Our mission is to bring the job seeker to the employer. With our face-to-face monthly events, people could have their interviews right up front and leave with interviews and potential jobs, but with COVID we are doing a safe hiring where employers give me their information and I pass it on to the drive-thru job seeker then the job seeker, from the safety of their own home, can contact the employer," Kathy Zyweic, owner of Jobs Guide, said.

The drive-thru model has also allowed more people to come by. Many are even able to pick up information for others.

Craig Hinson works with Omaha Public Schools' Head Start program. Now that the job fairs have changed, he's able to pick up packets for the families he works with.

"I’m picking up some job information it’s part of what I do with helping work with family and with everything going on with the pandemic and unemployment, I try to come out and grab a few of these," Hinson said. "I’ll be talking to some of the families and handing out their information and finding specifically what they would like and I try to lead them in that direction."

Zywiec said that to land a job you must be able to sell yourself.

"You have to prove that your a good candidate. You have to want that employer as much as they want to have you. Is has to work both ways," Zywiec said.

She also said to in order to make your application stand out, make sure your qualifications match the job's description.

"To make your application stick out you have read their job description and if they say they want someone who’s dependable, reliable, and able to multi-task then on your application put dependable, reliable and multitask. You have to match what their job description is and follow up. Follow up is the most important because if I have 100 applicants and they’re all qualified, I’m probably going to select the one I heard from last," she said.