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John Kerry reacts to Iran attacks while campaigning for Biden

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jan 07, 2020

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (KMTV) — Former Secretary of State John Kerry, along with other democratic leaders, hit the campaign trail rallying support for 2020 candidate Joe Biden.

Among the topics discussed, Kerry touched on recent attacks made towards a U.S. base in Iraq with nearly a dozen missile launched from Iran.

"We are not safer," Kerry said. "I do not believe anybody in the region is safer."

Kerry was a key negotiator of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which President Trump withdrew from in 2018.

"Trump, himself, pulled out of that agreement and created an equation where confrontation was inevitable," Kerry said.

He adds the President's decision to order an air strike, killing a top Iranian General, could put U.S. into an unnecessary war, especially if retaliation escalates.

"This is in the words of the military, the highest level of extreme choice the President could've taken."

The topic of international relationships was just one of the many issues Kerry talked about while campaigning for Biden in Iowa.

He believes it's the former Vice President's experience that has won him over. Although, not everyone in the crowd was on board.

Iowa resident, Gail Stessman, says there a few candidates he's eyeing.

"I'm interested in Amy Klobuchar," Stessman said. "She has a lot of spunk and a lot of experience."

Stessman is leaning towards Biden, but has a few more weeks to make a final decision at the Iowa caucuses.

Marjorie Ingram, another Iowa resident, stands 100% with Biden.

"I think he is an honest person," Ingram said. "I like all his values. I think we need someone in there that can defeat Donald Trump."

Other voters expressed it's Biden's experience that will most likely sway them.

While on the trail, Kerry continued to attack the President on multiple issues involving his handling of international relationships.

"I will say this, it is no secret that this President has been very positive about some of the bad actors in the world, about dictators and very negative about our allies," Kerry said. "(Trump) has insulted the Chancellor of Germany and has insulted our own intelligence community, called the FBI scum."

The "We Know Joe" tour will kick off events in Adel, Des Moines and Ames with the goal of getting voters to commit to the former Vice President Joe Biden.