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Junkstock still a go despite weather

Posted at 2:51 PM, Apr 06, 2018

Despite the harsh winds, temps in the 20's, and snow, organizers for the big Spring Junkstock sale say they are still open. 

Danelle Schlegelmilch with Junkstock says they have about 200 vendors that have driven in from all over, and while a couple had to reschedule their plans, everything was still a go and they had a line at the front gates at ten Friday morning. 

Geena Dunklau and her mother in law Shari Dunklau were among the shoppers. They said the weather was bad closer to the metro. 

"It got bad the closer we got to Omaha, we saw four cars in the ditch."

They were quick to add the cold wasn't bothering them. 

"We've been outside and bought mittens and hats. As long as you have a chance to warm up," Dunklau said.