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Kid forms friendship with mailman

Posted: 5:39 PM, Dec 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-01 23:39:38Z

Everyday little Cooper O'Leary waits on his porch for his favorite letter carrier Steve Cash.

Cooper loves trucks and this summer his mom Elissa O'Leary says he took a special interest waiting for the mailman.

"They have this special bond they look forward to seeing each other every day," said Elissa O’Leary.

Before their friendship Cash had to get out and walk to the mailbox.

Now Cooper meets him at his truck.

"I really don't know who gets more out of it, me or him,” said Steve Cash.

“His stop is in the middle of my route, and you see Coop come out and get the mail, it makes your day a lot easier," said Cash.

Now good friends, Cash wanted to give Cooper something special.

"Since he likes to get the mail from me, then I would give him a mailman uniform," said Cash.

He got this outfit Thursday, his mom says he's been wearing it ever since.

"It was just wonderful, the sweetest thing ever, it really touched our heart," said O’Leary.

So this afternoon Cooper wanted to say thank you with a letter of his own.

"I know for Cooper it's a really big part of his day, it's the little things in his life that he loves," said O’Leary.

 For Cash, he says he'll forever be grateful for a buddy like Cooper.

"When you take time out for a kid it makes an influence that will hopefully stay with him a very long time," said Cash.