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Kimberly Creek Retreat in Ashland bringing "Glamping" to Cass County

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 19:48:29-04

ASHLAND, Neb. (KMTV) — With the summer season getting underway, families are looking for different activities or excursions to do in the area.

Glamping, or glamorous camping, combines experiencing the outdoors with comfy living and air conditioning.

The Kimberly Creek Retreat in Ashland will have air conditioning and bathrooms in their camping units, along with state of the art appliances, gas grills and full-sized beds.

Chris Petersen, the owner of Kimberly Creek said there's a large group of patrons who want to camp but don't want to pitch a tent.

"The U.S. definition of glamping if you go online and Google it, you will usually see a tent, with a very nice bed, a dresser some may have fans and things but for the older person, that's not very comfortable, particularly in a climate like Nebraska," Petersen said. "We have found some people say I want air conditioning, I want some comfort and I like to do my nature walks morning, evening that sort of thing."

Costing between 135 dollars a night for a pod to 150 dollars a night for a cabin, the idea is to take the family out of the city and in to the wilderness for an excursion.

"It's not for everyone, it's not designed as a hotel room, it's designed as a luxury camping type of deal," Petersen said.

"People are realizing that they can be so close to Omaha but yet come out here and have the relaxation and nature and relax and disconnect," said Jennifer Serkiz, the executive director of Cass County Economic Development.

Glamping is not only trying to attract families it's also trying to attract millennials. While phones work, there's no WiFi or cable.

"We want you to unplug and there's no TV's and there won't be TV's," Petersen said. "That's part of the experience. We're recommending to parents take them away, put them in the drawer and go enjoy yourself."

Coming soon to Kimberly Creek are domed living spaces where residents can sleep in a glass-shaped igloo.

"The nearest dome to us is in North Carolina," Petersen said. "They haven't caught on in the Midwest. I think they're unknown. It's not a typical thing so I think there is going to be a lot of interest in them."

However, glamping is more than just cushy living conditions.

"We don't have lots of people, the idea is that it's, quiet serene," Petersen said. "Our view is we wanted to create something in nature that you don't think of in Nebraska. A forest, a campfire in the forest, a singalong around the campfire."

Currently the retreat has one cabin and two of the smaller pods, which are just under 200 square feet. Petersen said the goal is to expand to five living spaces, add fire pit locations, a main dining and community area on top of the domes.

For more information or to reserve a cabin at Kimberly Creek Retreat head to their website.