Colby.jpg This is sweet Colby. She’s at Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (HUGS). She’s a German Shepherd/Husky mix and is 6.5 years old.
Photo by: HUGS Damascus Damascus: this youngster is being fostered by Hands Hearts and Paws….Here’s his link for more info:
Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws Tex Meet Tex! He’s 1.5 years old and was rescued as a stray in Texas. He’s currently being fostered by HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue) and here’s his link for more info and back story!

Photo by: HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue)

Buddy Here's Buddy! []
Photo by: Harbor of Hope Rue Meet Rue, 8-month-old girl, lab mix that is currently fostered by Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue.
Photo by: Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue
Princess Pert Princess Pert is with HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue) and is now 10 months old. =) by: HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue)
Lucy Lane Lucy Lane from Hands Hearts and Paws is our FURever Friday pup. She’s a little over a year and a Standard Poodle & Airedale Terrier mix.

Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws Spinner Meet Spinner! He’s a rescue that survived neurological distemper. He’s a bit wobbly but adorable as heck! He’s just 3 months old and I actually met and cuddled him last weekend at Tails & Trails. He almost came home with me, but Rocky said no! He’s with Hands Hearts and Paws and here’s his link:
Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws Xander.jpg This week’s pup is Xander, a handsome German Shepherd who is 7 and a half years old. He’s currently being fostered with the HUGS organization. Link to his post above!
Photo by: HUGS
Eli Eli is approximately 5 years old. He was picked up as a stray so they don’t know a lot of his history….but they do know that he’s a super sweet silly boy! Here’s his link: Eli | Doberman Rescue of Nebraska (
Photo by: Doberman Rescue of Nebraska
Vittles Meet Vittles! 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier mix currently being fostered by Hands Hearts and Paws.

Photo by: Hands, Hearts and Paws
Will Will from Harbor of Hope by: Harbor of Hope Duluth Meet Duluth… Pit Bull Terrier, almost 3-year-old wonderful little girl!

Photo by: She’s with Hands Hearts and Paws in foster care. Artor This sweet boy is about 4 years old and a super sad story with a happy ending! by: Heartland Rescue Bailey Meet Bailey Jo! She’s 6 years, 8 months old, a white German Shepherd mix and currently being fostered by HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue.

Photo by: HUGS Buddy.jpg This week is a senior pup! Meet Buddy, a fluffy chihuahua whose being fostered by Harbor Of Hope.

Photo by: Harbor of Hope Torrance WOOF…. I’m Torrance! I’m a little over a year old, and I’m a tiny guy with a mighty personality. My foster family believes I am a Terrier mix of some kind, but I have some herding characteristics too.
Photo by: Hands, Hearts, and Paws Trey Trey is a 1.5 year old coonhound mix.
Photo by: Hands Hearts & Paws
Magick! Magick! He’s currently being fostered by HUGS. He’s a 3-year-old standard poodle.
Photo by: HUGS
Bernie.jpg Bernie is a 5-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd
Photo by: Harbor of Hope
Daniela Daniela is a 9 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. Daniela is a puppy mill survivor, spent all of her adult life making puppies in a tiny cage. She is adorable, about 8 pounds and ready for her own home. She is a shy, sweet little girl. Daniela would do best in a home with another dog and a fenced yard is required.
Photo by: Hands, Hearts & Paws, Inc
Will the dog Here’s Will! He’s almost a year old and a big loveable pup currently being fostered by Harbor of Hope.

Photo by: Harbor of Hope
Firenza Firenza is 7 years old, Golden Retriever/Poodle MixPhoto by: Hands Hearts and Paws.

Abby the Doberman Abby is looking for her furever home. She’s 14 months old and a very smart girl.
Photo by: Doberman Rescue of Nebraska

Padme Padme is approximately 2.7 years old and a love bucket!

Photo by: Heartland Rescue Kolten Meet Kolton.

Photo by: Hands, Hearts and Paws Kimberly Sue.jpg Another Puppy Mill momma rescue. 3-year-old German Shepherd.

Photo by: Heartland Rescue Chava Chava, French Bulldog, 6 years old and being fostered by Hands Hearts and Paws.

Photo by: Hands, Hearts, and Paws Elvis Meet Elvis, currently fostered by Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue:

Photo by: Harbor of Hope rescue Velma Velma: a little over a year old, very smart, housetrained and a Chihuahua mix.

Photo by: Harbor of Hope
Chewy 3-month-old Chewy: 50% Aussie, 50% Blue Heeler, 100% cute!

Photo by: Heartland German Shepherd Rescue
Oregon Oregon is a young momma, a little over a year old. She had 8 puppies when she came into rescue with Hands Hearts and Paws.

Photo by: Hands, Hearts and Paws
Moira Moria is still waiting for her new role with her FURever Family. She’s a Australian Cattle Dog- Boston Terrier mix and 3 Years, 10 months old.

Photo by: Harbor of Hope
Summer It’s Summer! A 1-year, 8-month-old BassaTerrier (Basset Hound and Terrier mix!) While I have short little legs, I make up for it with a BIG personality!

Photo by: Harbor of Hope
April Meet April, she’s approximately 2.5 years old and a beautiful, yet shy German Shepherd.

Photo by: Heartland Rescue Prince Pondicherry Prince Pondicherry is a shy, sweet big boy that loves to play fetch, frisbee and have zoomies in the fenced yard. Prince is great with other dogs, house trained and ready for his happy ever after. []

Photo by: Hands, Hearts & Paws, Inc Bella harbor of hope (1).jpg Bella:
She’s a year and 3 Months and sweet as can be. Potty and kennel trained….great dog all the way around!

Photo by: Harbor of Hope Lavendar A puppy this week! She’s 4 months old and with Heartland German Shepherd rescue (HUGS). Link here….while it says adoption pending, she’s still open to being furever Friday….

Photo by: HUGS Flurry Flurry the Snow Girl will be a year old on June 1. Boxer mix, just a good-good girl!

Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws
Mary J (1).jpg Meet Mary J! She’s part of the wRap Litter at Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue! She’s a little over 6 months old and darling!

Photo by: Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue Matilda Meet Matilda! She’s 3 year, 10 months German Shepherd. Being fostered by Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (HUGS)

Photo by: Heartland German Shepherd Rescue Bella harbor of hope.jpg Hello! Meet Bella….a sweetheart that is currently being fostered by Harbor of Hope. She’s a Boxer Shepherd mix and just a little over a year! Here’s her link and pic attached.

Photo by: Harbor of Hope Charlie Brown Do you need an excuse to work from the couch? Have some Netflix shows to binge? Really just love doing good things for animals who have had a bad life? Well do we have the dog for YOU! Meet Charlie Brown. Even though he is fresh out of a puppy mill, he is full of love , kisses, and snuggles for DAYS. His favorite things to do are walking around the fenced yard and then coming inside to cuddle in the fluffy blankets on the couch. I think he’s trying to make up for lost time and boy is he good at it! He’d do best in a home where someone was home a lot. Charlie isn’t potty trained yet, but uses a belly band inside, and has mastered going outside to potty too. This boy even does the few stairs he has to use to get into the yard! Once he does his business, he follows you right back in. He sleeps great in his kennel at night, but I’m sure he’d love to find a spot in bed with his new family. He also loves his new foster fur brother and fur sisters both big and small. Charlie Brown is still a little frightened by quick movements and loud sounds.. but he’s working on being brave. He’s 9 years old and has a lot of love in his little maltese body!

Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws
Dolly Dolly is a beautiful, very affectionate, interactive girl, who will fill your life with excitement! She is initially a little shy, but she warms up very
quickly and once she does, her enthusiasm and zest for life is boundless and contagious! She is so adorable!! She would make a great running or hiking buddy as she has lots of energy and LOVES being active. She would do best with an equally playful dog buddy, who will be tolerant of her puppy shennanings and who will help her burn all that extra energy! She also needs daily walks. She enjoys chewing on Nylabones, playing chase with her dog buddies, play-wrestling, playing chase, and getting cuddles on the couch. She is good about sharing toys, and thinks nothing about walking into another dog's crate while another dog is laying in it (she is all puppy, and does not reallly understand boundaries!). She is potty-trained, crate-trained. She would chase kitties if allowed, but there is a lot of structure in her foster home at all times, and she has stopped doing that. She is a typical, adorable teen that will push boundaries, while giving you irresistible puppy eyes! She would be a great addition to an experienced, active household, ready to continue working on her basic training. She is a great girl!

Like any of our dogs, this gorgeous girl would make a great addition to an active home that will provide the love, structure, good leadership, activity and mental stimulation that this breed needs. Because of that, Dolly's ideal owner will have prior GSD or other herding breed experience. Even if you exercise and play with your dog daily in your fenced yard, please remember that you MUST still take your dog out on daily walks and outings, in order to provide sufficient stimulation, ward off boredom, and work on leash skills, and manners.

Dolly's adoption fee is $350, all of which goes back into offseting our high-cost vetting expenses and rescuing more dogs.  We are a 100% volunteer-run rescue group and rely on adoption fees and donations to continue saving lives. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, current on age-appropriate vaccinations, fecal, deworming, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, heartworm tested if old enough (and treated if positive), and microchipped. Please visit for more information about our adoption process and requirements, and to apply.  
Photo by: Heartland German Shepherd Rescue
XENA Xena is the happiest dog on earth right now. Getting to live in a house with a family and other dogs is seriously THE GOOD LIFE as far as she is concerned!! Xena is a 4-5 year old Heinz 57 rescue mix, tipping the scales at a petite 40 lbs. So you may wonder, what does Xena have to offer you, other than her eternal and undying love, loyalty, and affection, of course? How about this: Potty trained? Check. Good with other dogs? Check. Good with humans of all ages? Check. Kennel trained? Check. Treat motivated? Check. Easy to bathe at home? Check. Playful? Check. Chew things that aren’t dog toys? Nope! Down to snuggle on the couch at the end of a long day? Check. Any signs of separation anxiety or resource guarding? Nope! Good on car rides? Check. Barks a lot? Nope! Only at those pesky Amazon deliveries! They come to her foster home too frequently lately (her foster mom is going to have cancel Prime soon!). Xena will benefit from continued training just like any other dog, but since coming into rescue she has already learned sit and is practicing leave it and come. She is one smart warrior princess!!

Photo by: Hope Dog Rescue
JETTA I’m Jetta and I’m a young (1 year 3 months) German Shepherd! I love being active, like walks, toys, light play wrestling, playing chase, and playing tug-o-war with other dogs. I get along with other dogs after a slow introduction period. But in typical puppy fashion, I’m obsessed with playing! I would do best with a playful, laid-back dog buddy that will be tolerant of my puppy shenanigans, and who will help me burn energy! I love my treats, am food-motivated, very smart, and I’m a friendly, sweet girl. I know how to share my toys, bones, and things with all other household dogs. Best news….I am fully potty-trained. My foster mom says I’m one smart cookie, and I will quickly continue to learn and improve! Check out my doggy profi
Photo by: Heartland German Shepherd Rescue
roly poly kmtv.jpg This week’s pup is a puppy mill breakout currently being fostered by Hands Hearts & Paws. Meet Roly Poly! She is a Boston Terrier Pug mix born 12/01/15. She is learning to live life outside a puppy mill where she resided for almost 6 years of her life. Given that awful start, this girl has no ill will toward humans although learning to trust them will take time.

In her time with us she has shown us how smart she is. She knows where her kennel/bed for nighttime is. She loves taking walks, running around the backyard sniffing all the smells, lounging on the couch, and sitting quietly with her fur friends and humans.

She does not like being chased, loud noises, or being held and does not prefer cats.

She will require a fenced yard, patience and lots of love.

Photo by: Hands Hearts & Paws Remi.JPG Meet Remi! 9-month-old teen girl, full German Shepherd at HUGS….while her page says adoption pending, the HUGS director said they weren’t sure it would stick so she still wants to have Remi showcased for FURever Friday!

Photo by: HUGS received_643488703563964 (1).jpeg Marcus is currently being fostered at Hands Hearts and Paws. He's been waiting on a home for some time.

Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws Moira.jpg Meet Ms. Moira! She gave birth to what Harbor of Hope Foster group called the Schitt’s Creek litter! She’s an autralian cattle dog/boston Terrier mix, 3 ½ years old and as sweet as can be!

Photo by: Harbor of Hope Nadine.JPG Nadine is with HUGS (Heartland German Shepherd Rescue) and is a long coat, 8.8-year-old, Female German Shepherd senior dog! by: Heartland German Shepherd Rescue
alastar kmtv.jpg Here’s Alastar….9 months old , terrier-collie mix. Sad case of neglect, safe and happy now! He’s being fostered by Hands Hearts and Paws.

Photo by: Hands Hearts and Paws
Lilo and Stitch Lilo & Stitch

They are both being fostered with Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue:



Photo by: Harbor of Hope Cian Cian is sweet, shy, and now a TV star! You may recognize this cutie from his feature on KMTV Channel 3. Cian has quite the story to tell. Born in 2014, he spent his early years in a puppy mill but has been living the good life since October, 2021. He is shy when first meeting new people but once he trusts you he loves playing with toys, other dogs, and being around his people. He is also doing very good with potty training. Cian needs a patient person who will earn his trust and understand that he hasn't had the greatest past, but he deserves the best future. A canine companion to really show him how to be a dog would be great, but he would also do well as an only dog. A fenced yard is REQUIRED for his safety. Let’s find this handsome boy the best home! by: Hands, Hearts and Paws Blaze and.jpg Blaze and Pixie! They are currently being fostered by Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue.

Blaze -

Pixie -
Photo by: Harbor of Hope Eliana Eliana, a Boxer & Terrier Mix
Adopted a couple months ago and returned 5/29/21. Shy, sweet girl. Please visit for an adoption application.
Photo by: Hands, Hearts, Paws
Cindy from the Brady Bunch Litter from Harbor of  Hope Cindy from the Brady Bunch Litter from Harbor of Hope
Photo by: Harbor of Hope
River | FURever Friday I’m River and I’m nothing but a hound dog…don’t be crying a River over me!!! While I did have a rough start to my life…my foster family has showed me what it is to be loved and cared for and I’m super eager to find my FURever family! I’m still a puppy, almost 10 months old and I LOVE to LOVE and PLAY! I really love to JUMP and have even caught one of those flying chirping things! I’m very treat motivated and really want a FURever family who will continue giving me yummy treats while training! Please, FURever Family, go to have me join your family!!Photo by: Harbor of Hope Samson Furever Friday Howdy, partner! Samson here! I’m a 4-year-old Shepherd/Heeler mix, or so they think! I really think I’m a Cowboy Mix and desperately want to live life under the stars! Check out my doggy profile here: by: Harbor of Hope Pet Rescue Adoptable brown puppy This week….another puppy from the Flower litter This week it’s Larkspur. His sister Azeala got adopted last weekend! Now it’s blue-eyes turn. Here’s his link on HUGS by: HUGS Bodie FURever Friday Bodie is from HUGS and here’s the link to his page: by: Heartland Rescue Azalea Check out my puppy profile at!Photo by: FURever friends. Maerdy FurEver Friday 5.14.jpg MaerdyPhoto by: EM-TEE-GEE PHOTOGRAPHY Marshall | FURever Friday Marshall | FURever FridayPhoto by: Marshall | FURever Friday Marshall from FUR-ever friends Marshall | FUR-ever friendsPhoto by: FUR-ever friends DUKE.png DukePhoto by: Viewer submitted KONA.jpg KonaPhoto by: Viewer submitted RUGER.jpg RugerPhoto by: Viewer submitted WINNIE.jpg WinniePhoto by: Viewer submitted bubba.jpg BubbaPhoto by: Viewer submitted lilly.jpg LillyPhoto by: Viewer submitted murphy.jpg MurphyPhoto by: Viewer submitted simba.jpg SimbaPhoto by: Viewer submitted bear.jpg BearPhoto by: Viewer submitted Elton.jpg EltonPhoto by: Viewer submitted Jasmine.jpg JasminePhoto by: Viewer submitted Leia.jpg LeiaPhoto by: Viewer submitted dudley.jpg DudleyPhoto by: Viewer submitted GG.jpg GGPhoto by: Viewer submitted oscar.jpg OscarPhoto by: Viewer submitted domino.jpg DominoPhoto by: Viewer submitted hank and Lucy.jpg Hank and LucyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Javi.jpg JaviPhoto by: Viewer submitted link.jpg LinkPhoto by: Viewer submitted Ashley.jpg AshleyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Jasmine.jpg JasminePhoto by: Viewer submitted kota.jpg KotaPhoto by: Viewer submitted stewie lewis.jpg Stewie-LewisPhoto by: Viewer submitted Dolcé.jpg DolcePhoto by: Viewer submitted koda.jpg KodaPhoto by: Viewer submitted MITTENS.jpg MittensPhoto by: Viewer submitted Winnie.jpg WinniePhoto by: Viewer submitted HUNTER.jpg HunterPhoto by: Viewer submitted NITTANY.jpg NittanyPhoto by: Viewer submitted sadie.jpg SadiePhoto by: Viewer submitted TATER.jpg TaterPhoto by: Viewer submitted Chuck, Lucy, Athena, Rowdy & Ruger.png Chuck, Lucy, Athena, Rowdy & RugerPhoto by: Viewer submitted Thor, Molly, Daisy.jpg Thor, Molly, DaisyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Kupkake.jpg KupkakePhoto by: Viewer submitted Mokey.jpg MokeyPhoto by: Viewer submitted chloe.jpg ChloePhoto by: Viewer submitted loki.jpg LokiPhoto by: Viewer submitted Bailey, Chloe, & Dezi.jpg Bailey, Chloe and DeziPhoto by: Viewer submitted Glenn Ryder.jpg Glenn RyderPhoto by: Viewer submitted ICHABOD.jpg IchabodPhoto by: Viewer submitted LUCY.jpg LucyPhoto by: Viewer submitted TIPPY.jpg TippyPhoto by: Viewer submitted FREDDY.jpg FreddyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Grace.jpg GracePhoto by: Viewer submitted Packy.jpg PackyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Tequila and Simon.jpg Tequila and SimonPhoto by: Viewer submitted Betsy.jpg BetsyPhoto by: Viewer submitted APPLESAUCE.jpg ApplesaucePhoto by: Viewer submitted DAPHNE.jpg DaphnePhoto by: Viewer submitted HUEY & LULU.jpg Huey and LuluPhoto by: Viewer submitted LOKI.jpg LokiPhoto by: Viewer submitted COCO.jpg CocoPhoto by: Viewer submitted ELI.jpg EliPhoto by: Viewer submitted LUNA AND mADDIE.jpg Luna and MaddiePhoto by: Viewer submitted oliver.jpg OliverPhoto by: Viewer submitted magnus.jpg MagnusPhoto by: Viewer submitted billy.jpg BillyPhoto by: Viewer submitted tito.jpg TitoPhoto by: Viewer submitted BUCK, FRANKENSTEIN, MILO, NALA, ALAN.jpg Buck, Frankenstein, Milo, Nala and AlanPhoto by: Viewer submitted Wiley.jpg WileyPhoto by: Viewer submitted cooper toby.jpg Cooper and TobyPhoto by: Viewer submitted KATY.jpg KatyPhoto by: Viewer submitted 6C7524B5-985E-4535-9D0D-9F94BA23E5B6.jpeg Photo by: Viewer submitted 38BB3902-3FAF-4D7C-BE50-3E7ED3CAF1C1.jpeg Photo by: Viewer submitted 3F6A2EC2-7C16-40C0-BD58-B89BB747C991.jpeg Photo by: Viewer submitted Bubba.jpg BubbaPhoto by: Viewer submitted Lucy.jpg LucyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Tino.jpg TinoPhoto by: Viewer submitted Vernon.jpg VernonPhoto by: Viewer submitted Casey.jpg CaseyPhoto by: Provided Cleo.jpg CleoPhoto by: Provided Sadie.jpg SadiePhoto by: Provided Sir Didymus.jpg Sir DidymusPhoto by: Provided Ace.jpg AcePhoto by: Viewer submitted Dreamboat Annie.jpg Dreamboat AnniePhoto by: Viewer submitted Flap Jack.jpg Flap JackPhoto by: Viewer submitted Teddy.jpg TeddyPhoto by: Viewer submitted Bella.jpg BellaPhoto by: Provided Bubba Skinner.jpg Bubba SkinnerPhoto by: Provided Cooper.jpg CooperPhoto by: Provided Lambeau.jpg LambeauPhoto by: Provided Hope 2.jpg My name is Hope and I’m a baby 4 month old Golden Retriever. My story is one of lots of hope… the rescue and my foster family stepped in and helped me survive a really bad puppy cold. Since I got better, I have tons puppy zest, golden energy am so ready for my FURever family!!! I do get a little startled with kids my age (under the age of 8) so I would like my FURever home to have older children! I really hope to get a confident and playful doggy sibling and a fenced in yard to continue growing in confidence. Belly Rubs????? I’m your baby for that. Toys?? My favorite play thing! You can be my favorite too and I want to do everything you are doing! I’m almost potty trained and I sleep through the night (for extra cuddles, please let me on the bed!!!) When we go on walks, I’m super good on the leash and very dog friendly to everyone on the walk. I HOPE you will check out my Doggy profile…. by: Provided CHANCE.jpg ChancePhoto by: Provided Lily.jpg LilyPhoto by: Provided Claudette and Jack.jpg Claudette and JackPhoto by: Viewer submitted Foo.jpg FooPhoto by: Viewer submitted Rosie.jpg RosiePhoto by: Viewer submitted Wrigley and Bizzie.jpg Wrigley and BizziePhoto by: Viewer submitted HARRY.jpg HarryPhoto by: Viewer provided jett.jpg JettPhoto by: Viewer provided goose.jpg GoosePhoto by: Viewer provided dahlia.png DahliaPhoto by: Viewer provided Danny 2.jpg DannyPhoto by: Provided received_355928086150542.jpeg ArsonPhoto by: Provided Ashley.jpg AshleyPhoto by: Viewer submitted keiper.png KeiperPhoto by: Viewer submitted Mini Opal.jpg Mini OpalPhoto by: Viewer submitted River.jpg RiverPhoto by: Viewer submitted 228041439_350635316736797_8911868529123700994_n.jpg Mozzarella….Mozzy for short!Photo by: Provided Charlie.jpg CharliePhoto by: Viewer submitted Gussybear.jpg GussybearPhoto by: Viewer submitted mick.jpg MickPhoto by: Viewer submitted Trilly and Cabo.jpg Trilly and CaboPhoto by: Viewer submitted winjy (1).jpg WinjyPhoto by: Viewer submitted buddy.jpg BuddyPhoto by: Viewer submitted ghost.jpg GhostPhoto by: Viewer submitted lemon.jpg LemonPhoto by: Viewer submitted Marie,Toby and Dabby.jpg Marie, Toby and DabbyPhoto by: Viewer submitted