La Vista City Centre site showing signs of progress

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 20:21:17-04

Contractors are working on a development site at 84th and Brentwood in La Vista, prepping the area for new buildings and businesses.

The site was the old Walmart in La Vista. Now, developers are making way for the new City Centre development.

"I'm excited for where 84th Street is going," said La Vista Mayor Doug Kindog. "It's going to be a beautiful development. I hope the citizens are excited to see buildings coming out of the ground very soon."

Kindig says a decade has passed since the first conversations of redeveloping the site took place. The space is expected to be a mixed use development.

"Very well could be a $200 million dollar plus project," Kindig said. 

Curtis Wilford owns a shop, Omaha Knife, in a strip mall near the City Centre site. He says the area is in need of a change.

"I'm sure it will help our exposure. We kinda look forward to that," Wilford said. "It's a business district. Its been here a long time so its not an exciting business district to most people."

While the excitement and development at the site is growing, the spot for the new Nebraska Multisport Complex is sitting empty. Weeds have grown over the dirt.

"Just had a meeting with [multisport complex stakeholders] yesterday," Kindig said. "They're moving forward in a very positive manner. Their plan is still to have some facility open in the spring of next year."

We've reported in the past the cost and timeline of the project is in flux. But, Kindig says to expect big things for the site and La Vista as a whole.

"La Vista is growing and will continue to grow and I'm real optimistic about our future," he said.

The mayor says to expect the first buildings at the City Centre site to start popping up by next month.