La Vista officers recongnized for life-saving...

Posted at 11:04 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 00:04:46-05

TJ Jacik and Steve Walter were dressed in La Vista Police patrol uniforms cradling four-month old baby girl, Faith, Tuesday. The baby had gained four pounds since the two officers performed life-saving CPR December 31, but looked tiny tucked away in the officers’ arms.

“[It is] beyond a blessing. These two guys are my heroes,” said Faith’s mother, Carla Hunter. “All the first responders were just awesome to be on site when they were.”

“[Faith] was the tiniest, most adorable thing you've ever seen,” Walter said recalling the emergency call just before midnight New Year’s Eve.

Jacik and Walter were among the first responders named in a special awards presentation honoring Sarpy County 911 dispatchers, EMS workers and Papillion firefighters, and four La Vista police officers.

“[The awards] shine a light on law enforcement right now. And that is kind of what we need with what’s going on today in the world and across the country,” Jacik said.

Sue Bingham watched the recognition ceremony with her sister, JoAnn, still recovering from heart surgery. JoAnn Bingham collapsed in early December. 
“I heard noises,” Bingham said. “I went in and found [JoAnn] unresponsive. She turned blue and was starting to have a seizure.”

La Vista Police officers Dana Miller and Brian Mathew were the first to respond when Sue’s daughter, Kellie, called 911.
“We work really well together. So, that’s a reason why it happened the way it did,” said officer Miller.
“I remember Dana telling me, ‘Hey, I got the AED. You get the breathing mask,” Mathew said recalling Bingham’s rescue call.
The same medic and fire crew responded to both calls, which were about a month apart. Those first responders were also recognized for their work Tuesday.