La Vista Police have Pokemon search in Central Park

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 18:57:36-04

The La Vista Police Department joined the Pokemon GO madness. They held a Pokemon hunt at Central Park on Wednesday.

The department said the search for the Pokemon was to bring awareness to safety and to bring the community together.

“We thought, let’s just take an opportunity, a little community engagement, and make something positive out of this,” said Captain Jeremy Kinsey.

He said the last week has been rough for law enforcement since five officers were killed in Dallas, and La Vista wanted to take a positive twist with the newest craze.

“We think it is a good opportunity for us to get together, and meet some of the people in our community,” said Kinsey.

The young players were able to interact with officers, and some of the officers were getting schooled on how to play the game.

Grandfather Rick Case said his grandkids have been playing all week, and to make sure they are safe he tries to stay close by, but they know where to meet if they get separated.

“We have a spot we all meet, and that is a set spot before, we set our stuff down, we recognize objects and that is where we meet,” said Case.

Kinsey said the biggest thing they want to remind people is to not drive while playing the app.

The Pokemon hunt was successful in bringing out a large crowd and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.