La Vista Police keep the streets safe on Halloween

Posted at 10:18 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 23:18:42-04

Halloween night had hundreds of kids collecting candy throughout the area.

La Vista Police were keeping families safe while there were out Trick-or-Treating.

“We do it a little different, we concentrate on our neighborhoods more than normal, just because here are a lot of kids out,” said Sergeant Brian Stolley said.

Stolley said Halloween usually goes on without any problems but they drive in the neighborhoods just in case.

“We tend to have that affect where people start behaving better, they slow down start looking for people more.”

The night of candy grabbing calls for special deliveries as well, Stolley said Halloween night is a great opportunity to interact with the community and give some free sugar to the kids in the area.

“We want everybody to be out here having fun, get out talk to the kids, the kids love it,” said Stolley.

He said the biggest thing for parents to remembers is to make your kids visible to cars..

“As we drive around you see the kids had the reflective clothing, it could be a band or something, that helps traffic see them, it is hard to see these kids walking here with dark clothes, even a little badge would help.”