La Vista police officers recall night saving...

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 23:48:19-05

It's a New Year's Eve miracle KMTV first told you about on Friday. Two La Vista police officers rush to the aid of an unresponsive five week old baby and saved her life.

For new mom Carla Hunter this was definitely not the way she thought she would spend her New Years Eve as she feared her 5-week old baby Faith would not make it.

"I was beyond scared, I thought I was going to lose her," said Hunter.

Hunter said Faith was limp, eyes rolled back and spitting up blood. She called 911 and the dispatcher, Brian Patten helped her walk throught the CPR process.

Minutes later officers TJ Jacik and Steve Walter arrived to help revive the baby.

Monday the two officers recalled their dramatic experience. They said it was a night they will never forget.

"I walked in and there's mom's bed-full sized bed and on there was this little tiny doll, I mean this baby couldn't have weighed 5 pounds," said Officer Walter.

The officers rushed to revive little Faith.

"We determined that she wasn't breathing she didn't have a pulse so our training kicked in," said Officer Jacik.

So Officer Jacik started doing check compressions, "I did maybe 3-4 compressions and we watched the baby attempt to get a breath and so we've got something here".

Officer Walter gave CPR to the infant, it struck a chord for him, "This was absolutely the tiniest and the most precious thing I've ever done CPR on, my granddaughter was a preemie and right away that kind of reminded me that could be my child, my grandchild."

A rush of emotions for these two officers, but they knew they had to be strong in this intense moment.

"Somebody has to stay calm and in control so the team can follow allow right there with you so if we went in there and started panicking like mom was panicking things might have gone bad," said Officer Jacik.

For Hunter, she's thanking these two what she calls guardian angels for saving her little one.

"They basically saved this little girl I think," said Hunter.

This is a start to the new year these officers never imagines, saving Faith's precious life.

"This was probably one of the most stressful calls I've been on but the most rewarding too," said Officer Walter, "Faith lives in 2016."

The officers said they train for tough situations like this. They also added this is a great start to the year 2016, showing officers in a good light after a rough few years.