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La Vista urging owner to fix road by City Centre

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 19:20:06-04

The City of La Vista is trying to spruce up the area near 84th and Giles Rd. with new development, but along one road nearby it's a bumpy ride.

The City Centre is a multi-million dollar mixed use area that will have office and residential space as well as dining, retail, and entertainment space.

But the pot holes on South 83rd Avenue have been a problem for years.  The City of La Vista has redone South 83rd Ave. to the car wash building, but south of that it is owned by a private company.

"Brand new construction to a road that over the years has been a concern to the people that drive through here with the large potholes and the damage it can do to the vehicles.  To be honest the un-safety of trying to avoid that pothole and having traffic coming your way and stuff and you know it's also been the landscaping hasn't been taken care of so we have had some difficulties with this landlord," La Vista Mayor Doug Kindig explained. "We call and we put pressure on him and there's been a time or two that because the holes have been so bad and so dangerous that we have put in some filler but we can't come in and do a major reconstruction on it it's not our road."

In May, the property was turned back over to the bank because the previous owners JSMN International defaulted on their loan.  KMTV tried find out if the street would be fixed from the grantee, C-III Asset Management of Irving, Texas, but didn't hear back.