La Vista's new downtown underway

Posted at 10:58 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 23:58:41-05

For almost a decade, people have called the vacant shopping space along 84th street between Harrison and Giles Road in La Vista an eyesore but that will soon change.

The biggest development project in the city’s history is underway.

On Monday, construction crews started demolishing the parking lot on what used to be Brentwood Crossing-that will transform into La Vista’s new downtown.

“We just didn't have that in La Vista and it did seem like something is missing,” said La Vista mayor Doug Kindig.

The project will feature 15-20 mixed use buildings-for dining, shopping, hotels and apartments-right off 84th street.

The city-owned golf course will be transformed into a city park, with an amphitheater.

This is an opportunity Kindig says is one-of-a-kind, “Not very many cities get a chance to do it a second time and do it right.”

Omaha developers ‘City Ventures’ believes this project will work well in the space because there aren't many like it south of I-80.

“There really hasn't been a lot built, there's been some destination retail built but never really that place you can live work and play,” said City Ventures co-founder Chris Erickson.

That's what area residents hope they can do here.

“I'm game to anything-within reason,” said area resident Marilyn Kornusky.

And look at something-other than this so-called glaring eye-sore.

“It's going to be different than seeing old red and beige buildings over there with nobody in it you know,” said Kornusky.

Erickson said this project in total will take up to 7 years but residents will start seeing the first buildings pop up this summer.