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Lake Zorinsky recent car break ins

Posted at 5:50 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 18:50:47-05

People who run the trails at Lake Zorinsky are warning other runners about the wave of crime happening in the parking lots.

Zorinsky is a popular place for joggers, walkers and kayakers.

Within the last ten days, somebody has been breaking into parked cars. 

You can still see the glass from where a woman and her friend’s car was broken into.

She now has to replace her window again, but she’s also warning others runners to be careful.

Amie Houser can no longer jog in peace knowing there’s a chance she’ll come back to this.

“We got back to both of our cars and saw both our windows were smashed out,” said Amie Houser.

Nothing was stolen but Houser says documents from their glove compartments were scattered all over the seats.

“I had this happen to me less than ten days ago on the opposite side of the street, so I was paying close attention, there was no glass in the parking lot,” said Houser.

“I thought what's the odds of it happening again,” said Houser.

It happened again around 7:15 Monday morning.

Broken glass is everywhere.

“It’s violating knowing they could get my registration, I had my address and I checked for my garage opener,” said Houser.

Houser calls it frustrating, coming to the park to relax then leaving with broken windows.

“I don’t feel like coming up here, every time I come it’s a 200 dollar trip to get this glass replaced,” Houser said.

“It’s not feeling like the same peaceful place that I used to love about it,” Houser said.

After contacting police she says there’s not much that can be done.

“It’s nothing they can do about it; it’s too bad, it happens too much so it’s not a priority for them,” Houser said.

Now taking matters into her own hands Houser says she’ll warn others.

“Don’t bring your purse with you, don’t bring your valuables with you because it could have been a lot worse,” Houser said.