Last call for Old Dundee Bar

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 23:43:54-05

It is the end of an era at 50th and Dodge. It was the final night for the Old Dundee Bar on Thursday.

The renovation of the movie theater is closing down the neighborhood tavern.

“I have been coming here since I was 21, I’m 29 right now,” said Steven Bosiljevac, "It is my favorite bar."

“There are a lot of memories here, there have been a lot of celebrations, and heartbreak, and crazy nights, it's sad, this place is the end of an era,” said Tara Jeck.

The last beers were poured and the last games of pool were played.

“The years of Tuesday afternoon pool playing is going to be a pretty huge memory for us,” said Stephanie Dworak.

The memories were the theme of the night.

“I had my first legal beer at the Dundee Dell,” said Patrick Rimm.

“I met my fiancé here about three years ago at the pool tables and we have been coming here and celebrating and making a lot of memories,” added Melanie Dasovic.

As everyone gathered to say goodbye, one thing is clear, Old Dundee Bar will be missed.

“It is a good way to say farewell but hopefully not for too long,” said Dasovic.

Film Streams said work on the new Dundee Theater should begin in February, and they plan to be done in 2018.

The bar is auctioning off items, you can find those here.