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Last-minute shoppers turn to local shops as supply chain issues persist

Posted at 10:13 PM, Dec 20, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Christmas is just a few days away,and last-minute shoppers are heading to local stores to get the final items on their list.

Many people started their shopping early this year, fearing supply chain issues would make it hard to get everything on their list.

Patty Dudziak , owner of the Village Grinder, says to avoid this issue, she ordered a lot of product early. She hopes to make up for the sudden cost with her holiday profits.

“It was a huge chance, and this is the worst business plan you ever want to do," Dudziak said. "You don’t want to have this type of product sitting around, but this year is different than all years because of the supply chain.”

Luckily things have picked up for local businesses. Last-minute shoppers are turning to local shops to get what they need as big box stores struggle to get in products.

"Some of the kids put in their wish list, and it was clothing from various vendors," said Michele Ernst, a shopper at Made in Omaha. "And it was just flat out, out of stock or wouldn’t be here until after the holidays.”

For many customers, it’s not just the product bringing them into the local shops.

“People that work hard every day, living in your community- those are the people you want to support," said Darin Ruf, a shopper at Village Grinder.

“So many people are doing their holiday shopping online, and so many of these little shops are suffering as a result," said Ernst.

“Your dollars go right back to your community, which is always nice," said Kaitlynn Kool, an employee with Made in Omaha.

“We know your name," said Dudziak. "We say ‘Hello, how are you? What can we do to help you?’”


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