Law enforcement say goodbye to Deputy Burbridge

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-07 12:03:56-04

Saturday law enforcement gathered privately to say goodbye to their own.

Deputy Mark Burbridge was shot and killed Monday during an inmate escape.

This weekend other law enforcement gathered privately to say their goodbyes.

There were people who knew him and some who didn’t.

They say whether they knew Deputy Burbridge or not, they are all brother and sisters in blue.

A quiet, somber scene Saturday outside of a funeral home in Council Bluffs, as law enforcement privately said goodbye.

“It’s a big loss for all of us.”

Bobby Clark is with Blue Knights.

He says he didn’t know Deputy Burbridge personally, but says it’s his job to pay his respect.

“The thing about law enforcement is we all are brothers and sisters in the blue and whether we knew him in person or we didn’t we are all family.”

American flags waved to show Deputy Burbridges service to the community, co workers says he was always nice to work with.

“Everyone that would leave at the end of the day, he would say have a good day, see you tomorrow.”

Angela C says it’s hard to believe she’ll never work with him again.

“It’s just difficult; it’s difficult for everyone to absorb the shock of him being gone.”

Losing his life while servicing his community, C says law enforcement risk their lives daily.

“He died protecting.”

The way he lost his life, Clark says is upsetting.

“Most law enforcement feel that way because of everything we go through and then for that to happen.”

Some arrived in uniforms and some did not, all agree Deputy Burbridge's death is a huge loss to this community.


“They got a good person up in heaven.”