Legal action threatened against Douglas County Assessor's Office

Posted at 8:37 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 21:37:44-05
Pressure continues to mount on the Douglas County Assessor's Office as the Board of Equalization pushes for answers as some board members call for legal action against the County Assessor's Office.
"I'm really sick and tired of listening to this every week and every week. Please give me the opportunity to speak because some of you keep on and on," said County Assessor Diane Battiato. 
"All hell is going to break loose when those postcards hit," said Douglas County Commissioner Mike Boyle.
Commissioner Mike Boyle says people are still calling him "distraught" about their sky high preliminary property valuations. 
"I'm really tired of being raked over the coals when I've explained to you four different presentations on what we plan on working on," said Battiato. 
County Assessor Battiato counters updated numbers haven't been posted on the Assessor's website - numbers which would reflect valuations calculated at 93 percent of market value. 
Battiato says the 93 percent is a median value, which explains why some neighborhoods are seeing bigger jumps. 
As the March 25th deadline for submitting the preliminary valuations to the state, draws closer.
Comissioner Clare Duda says the threat of a lawsuit is keeping Battiato on her toes as other commissioners characterize the relationship between the BOE and Assessor's Office as on the rocks.
"I think you should be totally responsible for what you're doing totally responsible. Get us out of here," said Boyle.