Legislative committee calls for Senator Bill Kintner to resign

Posted at 6:03 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 19:09:56-04

A group of Nebraska lawmakers are again calling for embattled Senator Bill Kintner’s resignation.

On Monday the Legislative Executive Committee unanimously voted for Kintner to resign by the end of the week.

This is the second time the committee has met to talk about Senator Kintner after he admitted to using his state issued computer to having cyber sex with another woman who was not his wife.

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The committee addressed what action they should take since Kintner violated those rules.

The hearing lasted several hours and the committee heard from a handful of people.

There has been discussion to impeach Senator Kintner, or expel him, or even monitor his computer.

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Public comment was open and nine people spoke to the committee. They all had different opinions about what decision should be made. 

“Let the legislature go through some growing pains here, this is unprecedented, it has never been done before,” said Lucas Peterson, who urged the committee to impeach Kintner.

Some expressed concern that these meetings were a waste of time.

“You are looking at spending tax payers money for disciplinary for Kintner, I am a taxpayer, and I think it is appalling that our government bodies come out to spend money,” said Jim Sazama.

Once the committee broke for executive session, it was proposed by Senator Galen Hadley to send the letter asking for Senator Kintner to resign

The committee also discussed what they would do if he chose not to resign.

Senator Bob Krist presented three option for them to think about and look into the next time they meet.

Krist said their vote today was a right step to set a precedent for this kind of behavior in the future.

“I think this a great statement from the legislature in saying do the right think, resign, and no more sanctions and no more discussion about the issue,” said Senator Krist.

Senator Kintner was invited to the hearing but did not attend. The committee said his lawyer advised him not to attend.

All ten senators will sign the letter asking for Kintner’s resignation, the letter will include the accountability and disclosure statements saying why he was guilty.

Senator Kintner has until Friday to respond to the letter if he chooses. He responded with this statement after the meeting today, “I am going to wait to comment on the expected letter from the Executive Board until after I have received the letter and read it.”