Several injured in Omaha during weather related crash

Posted at 10:32 PM, Dec 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-04 11:51:42-05
WARNING: Some details in this story may be graphic for some of our readers
The first snowfall of the season and some drivers were not ready. 
Multiple reports of crashes kept Omaha police and emergency crews busy. 
Some lost limbs at the I-80 and 480 interchange in a crash that sent two to the hospital in critical condition. 
Saturday, the National Weather Service didn’t expect as much snow sticking to roads, elevated highways and bridges.
Drivers are encouraged to be extra cautions.
At about 3 p.m. a man and woman were waiting to be towed at the westbound I-80 interchange with northbound 480 when police say an SUV was possibly going too fast through the falling snow. 
"A Durango lost control on JFK, 480, right there, and ran into the two occupants, the two people that were outside their vehicle," said Omaha Police Sgt. Jason Menning. 
The man who was hit lost both legs, the woman lost one.
They are in critical, but stable condition after surgery, Menning said.
"Just looking down, being distracted, not paying attention to what the roadway is showing you, it can be life changing not just for yourself, but for others," Menning said. 
The driver of the Durango was taken by police for questioning.
The suspect is cooperating with the criminal investigation, Menning said.
"The driver of the Durango, right now we believe was driving too fast for the conditions and failed to move over just prior to this accident," he said.
Forecasts earlier Saturday said there would be little accumulation or snow wouldn't stick at all.
As night fell over Omaha, that wasn't the case as roads became slushy and sticky along elevated roadways and neighborhoods. 
"What I would recommend is to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the winter,” Menning said. “You have good tires on the vehicle, you have fluids in the car. Just slow down and get off your phone." 
Truck driver Mike Sedenko couldn't agree more with Sgt. Menning, as he's seen many crashes through the snow on his trips across the country.
"Take it easy out there,” Sedenko said. “Give the other person the right of way. Don't get upset. Just use your head." 
The driver of the Durango was not hurt.
Possible charges will be presented to the city prosecutor.