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Liquor license resolution causes division in North Omaha, City Council

Posted at 10:12 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 23:12:59-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — What may seem like a relatively simple resolution, is causing quite a bit of conflict in the city council.

Councilmember Amy Melton has proposed a resolution to require private clubs to have a license to serve alcohol.

Right now private clubs do not have to adhere to liquor license rules, and can serve alcohol past 2 a.m. Melton says this is a loophole needing to be fixed.

“I think this is what’s needed in order to solve the problems for these bottle clubs," Meltons said. "But I also know that the liquor commission is listening."

The council itself could not make that change, but would instead by sending a lobbyist to find a state senator to sponsor a bill to change the law.

In Omaha, there are only four private clubs, but one in particular feels like it's being targeted: the Los Diablos Motorcycle Club in North Omaha.

During last week’s meeting, the club’s president and the executive director of the North 24th Business Improvement District had a heated argument about some of the disturbances happening outside the club.

Councilmember Juanita Johnson says she’s trying to solve this issue on a community level.

“Right now, in North Omaha - it would appear, based on decisions, conversations that are being made - that there is outside forces, that is trying to divide North Omaha," Johnson said.

Melton says this is an issue affecting other parts of the city, and she will help citizens in all districts if they ask her for it.

“I am a part of this community," Melton said. "I believe the community is the City of Omaha. All seven of us up here are part of the same community.”

The City Council has voted to not send their lobbyist to pursue changing the law, but a state senator could still propose a bill on their own.

KMTV reached out to the Los Diablos Motorcycle Club and the North 24th Business Improvement District to talk more about the situation, neither have responded to our request.

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