Local attorney says Mottas could still find...

Posted at 11:02 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 00:02:51-04

Unexpected twists and turns have dominated the Anthony Garcia murder trial. On Thursday, another delay, Judge Gary Randall allowed two Omaha lawyers to withdraw from the case.

The Motta law firm of Chicago is not licensed in Nebraska so they can no longer spear-head Garcia’s defense.

So now the accused four-time killer has no lawyers and his trial is in limbo.  

University of Nebraska-Omaha law professor Michael Nelson said this stalls the trial.

“Without local council, the case simply cannot proceed,” said Nelson.

While Garcia doesn’t have an attorney now, Nelson believes the Motta team can find willing defense attorneys to help them out.

“Criminal defense attorneys are used to stepping up and getting prepared for a case relatively quickly, however this is a complicated case,” said Nelson.

And unanswered questions could play a role.

“There is this issue about the allegations that there may have been unethical practice by the Mottas that have not been heard by the court and that could play a part in whether local council are going to be willing to step up and fill that hole,” said Nelson.

Nelson points out however, it’s Garcia’s say in who represents him.

“It's really attorneys that are going to be hired by Mr. Garcia because obviously he's going to have to be approve that but the Motta's are going to have to find attorneys that can sponsor them,” said Nelson.

Hoping the end result of this case isn’t muddled by all this drama.

The Garcia trail was supposed to start on Monday April, 4th however that could be in jeopardy.
There is a pre-trial meeting at 9a.m. on Monday to figure out where this case goes from here.

Public defender Tom Riley told KMTV he does not expect his office to be called to represent Garcia.