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Local community reacts to death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Posted at 10:50 PM, Sep 19, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — On Friday, people across the nation were mourning the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Saturday, many took action to honor her memory.

One local bake shop is honoring the historic advocate of gender equality by donating to a organization that works to improve the lives of women every day.

Customers lined up outsideSweet Magnolias Bake Shop on Saturday after owner Katina Talley announced on social media that she would be donating 81% of her proceeds to Planned Parenthood in honor of Ginsburg.

"I think Planned Parenthood is one of the best representations of what Ruth stood for," Talley said. "She was very much for women's reproductive health and the right to choose, and I wanted to honor her fight in that way."

It was a simple gesture to honor who many called RBG, but it resonated with many. Talley said her business was up by 300% compared to an average Saturday.

Ginsburg's death also brought about a sense of sadness and concern for the future for many others.

"Its always sad when someone passes away like that, especially for someone who has as much control of our nation as possible," said Patrick Overmyer who visited Sweet Magnolias. "She's done amazing things in more than just Planned Parenthood and equality."

Dianna Bystrom, co-president of the Nebraska League of Women Voters, expressed similar feelings but believes this loss will bring more people to the polls in November.

"I do think this is going to, if nothing else, incentivise you to vote - no matter which way you vote.," Bystrom said. "This is going to add to that incentive, I think."

She also said this could bring attention back to the equal rights amendment, for which Ginsburg was an outspoken advocate.

“This could reignite interest in the Equal Rights Amendment, which now has been ratified by enough states, only after the deadline," Bystrom explained. "But that’s something- there doesn’t have to be a deadline on a constitutional amendment.”

Whether it be public mourning, making plans to vote or simply buying a sugar cookie, those who feel the loss of Ginsburg were coming together to honor her memory.

"It's amazing to see people's support," Talley said. "I feel like they're feeling the same way that I was feeling last night and are happy to have a way to give back."

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3NewNow reached out to the U.S. Senators of both Nebraska and Iowa for their thoughts on a nominee to replace Ginsburg being voted on before Election Day. We’ve yet to received an official statement from them on the issue.