Local French group reacts to latest attack

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jul 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-17 23:48:12-04

There’s new information about the attack in Nice, France last week.

The University of California-Berkley confirms one of its students is among the people killed in the attack, he is identified as 20-year-old Nicolas Leslie. A father and son from Texas were also killed.

In all, 84 people died when a man drove a truck into a crowd of people at a Bastille Day celebration.

It’s just the most recent instance of terror and mass killing in France.

Sunday evening a group called Alliance Française d’Omaha met at the Jocelyn Castle for its monthly meeting but talked about the recent tragic events in the country they love.

“It affected me deeply,” said Anne Marie Kenny, the group’s president.

Kenny lived in France for 10 years between Paris and Nice. Her apartment there overlooks the scene of last Thursday’s attack.

“We were on the 5th floor apartment that overlooked the sea,” said Kenny.

Those memories, now associated with pain, as the country suffers from yet another attack.

“We went through the typical emotions and I know them in order now because we've been through them so many times,” said Bernard Duhaime.

“You have anger, you have sadness, you have fear,” said Kenny.

A fear some of these people have felt in the country during other instances like during the Charlie Hebdo attacks killing 12 people in January 2015.

“It became very frightening to arrive to en empty metro after so many people had been killed,” said Elizabeth McCartney.

Or 130 killed in a terror plot last November in Paris.

“When the Paris attacks happened, I was up all night,” said Jan Lund.
The group hopes people won’t stop visiting France.

“It could happen in our backyards,” said Duhaime.

Members of the group said the country’s resilience is key in rebounding from these attacks.

“I am definitely rooting for the French because it does seem like they're getting a huge brunt of something that's going on all over,” said Kenny.

The group celebrates its 100th anniversary next year.

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