Local principal draws superhero mural for his students

Posted at 4:47 PM, Aug 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 09:13:49-04

From Batman t-shirts to Spiderman backpacks, there is no denying it, kids think superheroes are cool.  And one area principal agrees. 

“I like Thor.  I think he's kind of a cool character,” said Principal Peyton Lewis. 

After finishing his first year as principal at Ralston's Blumfield Elementary School, Peyton Lewis wanted to give his school's media center a facelift.

“It hadn’t been redone since 1991, it needed some work,” said Lewis.

Lewis decided to put his artistic abilities to work and spend some of his summer vacation sprucing up the library. 

“So this is where it started.  I just started with Ironman,” said Lewis. 

In about a week, Principal Lewis transformed the library into a real life comic book.  Many of his students got their first glimpse when school started Thursday.

“I was like wow,” said first grader Kaiden Williams.

“I already knew he could draw, so I thought it was pretty epic and cool,” said fourth grader Isaac Peterman.

“I thought it was really cool,” said fourth grader Xavier Garcia.

But of course kids can also be our toughest critics. 

“The shield could have been a bit shiner and the armor could have had a little more engraving detail.  But honestly, I think it is just the best thing that it could have been,” said Quinten Murray. 

“I thought it was amazing because people will now come in here and read more books,” said fourth grader Leslie Lopez.

“I’d tell him thank you and say this looks awesome.  Now I want to come to the library way more,” said fourth grader Jessica Longacre.

Sounds like it was mission accomplished for Principal Lewis.

“We wanted to inspire them.  We wanted them to be excited and we wanted them to read,” said Lewis.