Local reaction to President Obama's executive...

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jan 05, 2016

In an emotional speech, President Obama unveiled his "common sense reform plan."

As part of his executive action, the President's plan includes requiring dealers who sell guns on the internet and at shows to be licensed and conduct background checks.

The President is also asking congress to approve funding for an additional 200 agents and investigators from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

“We are the only advanced country on earth that sees this kind of mass violence erupt with this kind of frequency,” said President Obama.

Here in Omaha, Good Guys Guns and Pawn owner Doug Hassle said the President’s executive order is not a good thing, but believes making everyone conduct a background check is a good idea. 

Hassel said his shop already follows the laws and regulations on gun sales, and he feels this executive action is the first step toward eroding the second amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

“I think they are trying to take away some of our rights and i think that's what people have a problem with,  nobody is against keeping the guns away from criminal, but let's do the right thing and go after the criminals,” said Hassel.

While hassle thinks the President's plan won't work, Danielle Savington of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, believes it will.

“It’s a solid first step, i think the vast majority of Americans support universal background checks, and most of use don’t realize they aren’t happening, so its a great step to get that to light and functioning, its doesn’t stop people from buying guns, it doesn’t stop people from selling guns, it’s just says be responsible,” said Savingon.

Nebraska senator Deb Fischer called the executive action and infringement on constitutional rights, while Congressman Brad Ashford said making communities safer should not be done by unilateral executive action.

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