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Toy sales fairing well during pandemic

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 20:03:05-04

ELKHORN, Neb. (KMTV) — The pandemic has been challenging for a lot of industries however the toy industry may be an exception both locally and nationally.

Fat Brain Toys in Elkhorn has been a local favorite for unique toys for 18-years.

“From the beginning when we closed down the middle of March, beginning of April, people were calling and saying hey we want you to survive,” Sharon Gish, Fat Brain Retail Store Manager said. “Johnny’s birthday isn’t until June, but if you can do a curb side order I’ll still order from you.”

A pre-established online store, and strong local following have kept them going.

“We will meet them early; we will meet them late,” Gish said. “That has been our goal the entire time to meet the customers where they are.”

Not to mention parents are looking for ways to keep their kids occupied at home now more than ever.

“We had a mom in here the other day and asked if she wanted it gift wrapped,” Gish said. “She said no these are my sanity presents. She got them because she is working from home.”

She says Jixelz have been popular because it's something school aged kids can do on their own.

“This is puzzling but it has a different take to it,” Gish said. “The pieces are small and plastic so you can build the design, or they go together any way.”

Mattel reports Barbie sales increased 29-percent during third quarter, leading to a 10-percent revenue growth for the entire company. It's largest quarterly increase in two decades.

“People are home more so they’re willing to make a little more of an investment in that. They’re keeping them occupied,” Gish said.

Approaching the holidays, she expects to see similar trends. But she warns to shop early, while they still have plenty of inventory.

TOMY Toys, based out of Japan, just purchased Fat Brain Toys. Fat Brain will keep it's name and will stay in Omaha. They hope the acquisition helps them continue to grow as a retailer and toy designer.