Local vet collects donations for DAPL protesters

Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-28 19:34:03-05

For months, protesters have been taking a stand against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.  

A Omaha Metro military veteran is looking for donations to take to demonstrators in Standing Rock, ND.

Nate Reedy is a veteran who was enlisted with the 89th RSC from Bethany, Missouri. 

He served the Iraq war in 2003-04, where he was awarded a Purple Heart.

He's now collecting donations, and goods to take with him when he goes to North Dakota as part of “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock” on December 4.

Protesters and Native Americans have been fighting the project because they worry it will harm drinking water, and Native American cultural sites.

Reedy says he doesn't want to go to North Dakota, but needs to go because as a veteran he fought for the rights and freedoms of all Americans.  He feels that the government is overreaching their authority by telling protestors to leave and using force on them.

"We are being told that we have permission to give free speech in certain free speech zones, the United States is a free speech zone and that is what our government is forgetting,” Reedy explained. "Our government has chosen to come down on the side of big oil and big business."

Reedy was able to raise $300 for his trip in just a few hours on Monday.

They are taking donations at the tavern on 10th & Jackson St. in downtown Omaha, which is where Reedy works.   They’re collecting blankets, socks, old winter coats, feminine supplies, and monetary donations.

He says you can also donate to: