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Locally-owned business in the Old Market celebrate Small Business Saturday

Posted at 10:11 PM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 23:11:59-05

Shop local, shop small. The Saturday after Black Friday shoppers are encouraged to support local businesses. 

For some in the Omaha area, the Old Market is a must stop. “We make it a point to go stop here in this area of town just to go see the small businesses down here,” said shopper, Roger Cluck. “Every single month we come down here we make it a stop once or twice to get down here to sightsee and window shop,” said shopper, Nicole Hottovy.

One shop seeing a lot of foot traffic Saturday, Imaginarium. A place that is truly one of a kind. “A little bit of everything you could imagine from books to toys to Star Wars to vintage clothing, a little bit of everything,” said Imaginarium owner, James Kavan. He said it's important people participate in days like Saturday to support those in our community. “You're supporting families, my family helps with this, my sister and nephew work for me, we are literally the epitome of small business,” said Kavan.

A feeling shared by Michele Gifford, the general manager of Hollywood Candy, near 10th and Howard. “People don't realize how important it is to support small business so that we can keep going and we aren't bought out by all the bigger businesses,” said Gifford. Hollywood Candy is another small business specializing in unique items. “We've got the candy cigarettes, the retro candy bar, if it's retro and it's still around we have it,” said Gifford.

The shoppers 3 News Now spoke to Saturday said they enjoy being able to find those one of kind items. “You can find a little bit of anything no matter what your taste is,” said Hottovy. “You can always find something for someone around here no matter what they like,” said Cluck. And the owners appreciate their business. “We really appreciate every time that somebody comes in, cause we don't take it for granted,” said Kavan.