Lot B could transform into a multi-use project

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 23:52:40-05

Lot B in downtown Omaha sits empty Friday afternoon as there’s no Creighton game, concert or College World Series to go to. But a new proposal from the city of Omaha and MECA and its partners could change that.

“There's a huge surface parking lot there when it's used it can be full but most of the time it sits empty,” said Omaha mayor Jean Stothert.

She wants to transform the lot into a vibrant district. There a list of possibilities that could go into the roughly 8-acre lot.

Stothert points out the convention industry would love the concept, “if they come to look at our city and see right across from the convention center within walking distanceare restaurants and places to visit and places to shop and perhaps places to stay.”

Right now since this is just a proposal without a developer, there’s no concrete plans, but shops, retail, housing could be here.

This proposed project is getting a ringing endorsement from the Blatt right across the street.
“We think its a cool prospect for this area of town, we think it would be amazing for business obviously,” said Blatt Beer and Table General Manager Larissa Ramos.

Another business down the street—Hook & Lime just officially opened on Friday—and likes this welcoming gift.  

“That development can really add to that--can really contribute it to being more than just a place to go when there's a concert or a ball game,” said owner Robert Malm.

But Lot B has 850 parking stalls, in this proposal, there would be a 2-story parking garage and surface lot parking just north of the CenturyLink Center.
“We think the parking especially for Creighton season ticket holders will be superior to what they have today, said Stothert. The company who manages both the CenturyLink Center and TD Amertirade Park—MECA said they are on board as long as the parking situation is covered.

Again this is just a proposal and Stothert said it could take up to 10 years to complete if approved.