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Louisville rocked by heavy winds

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 08:29:37-04

Louisville, Nebraska, which was hit especially hard by the storm had trees down all over town and had many residents thankful it wasn’t any worse.

“The wind came up, hit that side of the building, just peeled the side of it off like a pop can. Peeled the front door up and blew stuff up right out the front of the shop,” says Mike Swearingen, Louisville resident.

The winds got so heavy in some parts of town, they ripped a huge hole in a large shed near the side of Highway 66.

It was hard to turn the corner in town, without running into trees toppled over.

The storm also destroyed a swing set in Angie Krejci’s backyard.

“Our play-set is completely knocked over and the basketball hoop which is just one of those which you can move was flipped over and missed our cars,” says Krejci.

Out at Louisville recreation area, campers flocked into the clubhouse to escape the storm. once it was over, Rob McWilliams found his stuff all over and his tent wadded up on the ground.

“It might be alright, I actually haven’t checked it out yet. So we’ll see. I still have my life, my kids, my animals and everybody is okay so that’s the important thing,” says McWilliams

Still, after the storm hit, residents like Krejci had plenty of family and friends stop by to check up.

“They’ve offered to come down and help and we’ve talked to the neighbors that lost their trees to see what they need so yeah, the people here pull together,” says Krejci.

According to OPPD, some 1500 residents in Cass County are still without power