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Louisville woman gets letter telling her to take down Christmas display

Posted at 5:54 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 19:17:17-05

A Louisville, Nebraska family got an unsuspected letter about the decorations in their yard from the holidays.

Kimberly Shideler and her husband have been putting out large Christmas decorations in front of their home for about 10 years.  On Saturday, they received an anonymous letter that said, "Take your Christmas decorations down. You've had them up too long."

Shideler says they had illnesses in their family in January and February the ground was still frozen.

"If you have this much time come help us take stuff out of the yard that much was my first instinct.  Then it was just like I don't what to say about it it's like why would you even do this? It's almost hurtful. we put a lot of time and a lot of money into our front yard," Shideler described.

She posted the letter on Facebook and got more than 100 responses quickly; some agreed with the letter, but most were supportive.  So Saturday night, they decided to turn them on one more time.  She says they handed out candy canes, people came by honking, and one woman even dropped off a Christmas present.

"It just proves why I love this town, it's a community we all support each other, most of us," Shideler added.

The Shidelers have since brought all the decorations inside except for some Christmas lights and a  fake tree.

"Just to whoever wrote this letter, i'm sorry you felt that way. I wish you could've figured a different way to let me know that it bothered you," Shideler concluded.

They'll start to get the Christmas display back out in mid-November, so they can light it back up on Thanksgiving night.