LSU plays ball with hospitalized kids

Posted at 10:27 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 23:27:56-04
Fresh off a big College World Series win, the LSU baseball team spent the day sharing smiles with kids at Nebraska Medicine. 
Reporter Maya Saenz shows us how the LSU team stepped up for the kids. 
The LSA Tigers baseball team used their day off after a big win to visit some of their biggest little fans. "Usually we don't have an experience where every day we can meet different teams." Like 13-year old Elena Carson, one of the pediatric patients at Nebraska Medicine, who played baseball with the Tigers, and even had her ball signed. "It was quite fun."
And 11-year-old Kylie Bush, who's been a longtime fan of LSU. "Cause my sister is a batgirl and I wanted to see the players that she helps." "She's a big LSU fan, She's got her purple dress on and her purple bow on so we were all excited to meet her."
The team spent time part of the afternoon playing ball with some of the patients, while trying to catch some of their energy. "I think they inspire our players. My prediction is that our players are going to go out there tomorrow against Oregon State and play their hearts out and remember the kids that they met here today."
"We're just grateful to have this experience to share with these kids. It's a dream come true for them and it's awesome for us" said LSU 3rd baseman Josh Smith 
"I wanted to sneak on the bus, to play in the game - do you think they wouldn've noticed? no."
Although they didn't make it onto the bus, they had one special message for the team. "I told them, to strike out all the teams players and win!" "Good luck and God is with them."