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Mailbox vandals hit Omaha neighborhood

Posted at 5:23 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 18:23:16-04

Some residents who live near 102nd and Washington Streets in Omaha noticed a few mailboxes were vandalized overnight. 

Debi Clatterbuck was walking her dog around 9 a.m. when she noticed something different, "A piece of mail laying on the ground underneath the mailbox so I came to pick it up".

And that's when she noticed her mailbox and others in a cluster box was beaten up. 

"Of course my first thought was the people in Austin Texas and all of the explosions with the packages there," said Clatterbuck. 

Luckily that didn't happen here as Clatterbuck could see it looks pried open instead, but it took her sense of security away, "I always felt safer, almost, that we had a cluster mailbox, as opposed to an individual mailbox out at the street but obviously if there's a will there's a way and they got into it".

Clatterbuck or anyone else 3 News Now talked with saw the vandals who did this, but they all say it must have happened overnight.

Other mailboxes in the area were also hit, one was also pryed open and another has a few dents on it. 

According to the United States Postal Office in Omaha, the residents' mail will be waiting for them at their office if they want to pick it up until the mailboxes get fixed. 

While some fear their personal information may be compromised the USPS said not to worry. 

"Vast majority of identity theft comes from, compromise occurs you know online and not from actual stolen mail," said Postal Inspector David Margritz.

Margritz said he knows about this incident and they will be working to get the mailboxes fixed as soon as they can.