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Man arrested after elementary school on lockdown, OPD says

Posted at 4:58 PM, Apr 05, 2018

Minne Lusa Elementary was on lockdown Thursday afternoon following reports of an armed man at the school, according to Omaha Police. OPD are continuing to investigate the incident, which seems to be related to a parental custody dispute.



A suspect was taken into custody without incident, and no one was harmed, according to OPD Lt. Jake Ritonya. The suspect was not armed, Ritonya said, but a firearm was recovered from a suspect vehicle. 

Omaha Public Schools issued a statement during the lockdown: "The school will remain in lockdown through dismissal. No one can enter or exit the building. Please be safe. Additional details will be shared when they are available. All students and staff are safe."

OPD was first notified about the incident at about 3:45 p.m. Thursday.

"The office had been notified that parents were going to be coming up (to the school), and there was some sort of dispute," Ritonya said. "The school itself was somewhat aware there was going to be a disturbance."

Police said the school received two calls from parents, one called the office saying they were going to come get the kids, using profane language, Ritonya said. A second parent called the school asking them not to turn over the kids, saying a protection order was going to be served on the first parent, he said.

A witness saw a man grab a firearm and believed he chambered a round before going into the school with a gun, Ritonya said, which led police to think it was possibly an active-shooter situation in a school.

"We do appreciate the fact that the parent put that information out — and that was credible; he did have a firearm in his possession," Ritonya said.

While the man was on school grounds with a gun, Ritonya said police did not at this time believe he took the firearm into the school. At the time of this report, forensics was still processing the scene and verify whether the gun was loaded.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident, and charges against him are pending, Ritonya said.

Paramedics examined the suspect after he told police he was diabetic.

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