Man frustrated with city about dumping

Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 18:44:14-04

A man in the Florence neighborhood is at wits end. 

Illegal dumping has become a major nuisance on his street. 

He says his complaints to the city have fallen on deaf ears.   

Jim Sorensen says he’s a former city worker who's lived in the neighborhood for nearly 50 years.

He says he doesn't understand why the issues on is block are not being taken care of.

Jim Sorensen wants answers.

"If you notice that one is tilted out, that one is tilted in."

He wants to know why the city has yet to come out and fix the broken fixtures on his block.

"That pole has been pulled inward."

"That transformer is broken."

But his main problem is this mess.

"There's no reason for this."

Despite the clear sign that reads no dumping.

"These are within the last five to six weeks."

Jim says he's just about had it with the city, people come out and dump just about anything, with no one left to pick it up but him and some neighbors.

"I just get tired of picking it up.”

“I’ve done this three times in the last month and a half."

 Sorensen says he finds the craziest things out here.

"There was a gun safe that was stolen and put down this ditch, took the city six weeks to go down there and get it."

Often times he's taking care of it himself.

"I don't like when the city trucks drive right past it without picking it up."

Sorensen says he's talked to council members and filed complaints.

"I called Festersen four or five times to talk before city council, there was nine police officers when me and my wife went and they were going to arrest me."

Even animals are being shot and their bodies are being dumped there.
"It’s so frustrating."

"I think it's time to leave and several people around me are thinking it's time to leave."