Man has bike he just bought stolen from garage

Posted at 6:23 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 19:34:06-04

An Omaha home owner learns a tough lesson after thieves hit his garage near 32nd and Center this weekend, stealing a $1,000 bike.

Josh Soto had just received a gift of a lifetime last Saturday, a brand new Masi bike. His fiancé had used her tax return money to give him the bike.

When Soto went to go check on his bike Sunday morning, it was gone. 

“So I walk in, and immediately look over and it hit me like my bike is not there, not where I left it last night,” said Soto.

His bike and a brand new power saw that was still in the box were missing.

“I thought someone was pranking me or something like that, just the shock.”

Soto said he hadn't even taken the bike out for a ride yet, or even told anyone that he had gotten it

“I didn't post on social media, hey I just got my new bike in my garage you know, me my fiancé, and my roommate knew that it was back here,” he said.

Masi bicycles are somewhat rare in the Omaha area because only one store sells them.

“Green Streets is the only Masi dealer in town, there are not a lot of bikes like this in town, this one in particular is a really special bike.”

Soto said that he unfortunately left the side door to his garage unlocked, but feels like it was no coincidence the bike was taken the same day he got it, “so someone has been watching and scoping my spot and that is what the really sick feeling is.”

The bike has a brown seat and handles, along with a blue Abus lock that he still has the key to.

The power saw that was stolen after the thieves cut it out of the box.

Soto said he hopes social media will help get the word out about his stolen bike.

“This bike was really supposed to be fun, better my health, get me in shape, and a lot of good was supposed to come from that and now it's just gone,” said Soto.