Man high on PCP during fatal hit & run sentenced

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 20:03:12-04

A fatal hit and run victim, Fredy Reyes-Garcia, was just blocks from his home when he was struck and killed last year.  The suspect took off, but is now punished for his crimes.

Langston Perkins, 28, is sentenced to 15-20 years in prison on Wednesday in Douglas County District Court after pleading guilty to motor vehicle homicide.  With “Goodtime” he'll likely serve about 7 ½ years before he’s eligible for parole.

November 2015, Perkins was speeding on 24th Street, crossed the center line, and struck Reyes-Garcia while he was going the other direction on his motorcycle.  There were skid marks for many yards at the crash site at 24th & Woolworth Ave.

Friends say Reyes-Garcia, 18, had just purchased the motorcycle that day.

Perkins was high on PCP and fled the scene, but was later arrested.

"It's really frightening when you think that somebody is behind the wheel of an automobile and it's really a dangerous instrument and obviously they're not in possession of their faculties by being under the influence of something like PCP," Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine explained.

Perkins allegedly robbed a pharmacy for drugs, while he was out on bond for the motor vehicle homicide charge.  Perkins’ attorney says he has a drug habit he can't shake.

"It was never intentional it was an accident, I've had nightmares. I'll always remember what happened, and I really apologize. I really do," Perkins told the victim’s family in court.

Kleine says that he and the judge didn't fell his addiction problem was a good excuse.

A passenger with Perkins, Michelle Plascencia had her accessory to a felony charge dismissed.