Man injured in Omaha fireworks accident

Posted at 12:38 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 13:57:08-04

It’s the first major injury of this Fourth of July holiday season. An Omaha man was critically injured Monday morning when a firework exploded in his hands.

The incident happened 

Police and vendors are using this injury as a cautionary tale for others. During this time of the year, consumer experts say roughly 230 people go to the emergency room each day because of firework injuries.

The business here says it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. It's sound advice that sounds like common knowledge.

But firework-related injuries happen every year. Omaha Police Sgt. Matt Manhart spoke about the accident.

“He (The victim) was unable to get the fireworks out of his hand in time and it basically denoted inside of his hands -- causing serious injuries to his hands,” he said. Omaha Police officials say the man purchased a legal firework and then brought it to work.

Officials added the man wanted to have some fun with his co-workers at a Select Van & Storage near 80th and J Streets. 

“It happened in a doorway leading out. He was going to light the device while he stood in the doorway and then throw it out into the parking lot,” Sgt. Manhart said

Marco Robles sells fireworks to support his kids' little league team.

He told KMTV that he's heard horror stories. “People catching on fire, houses catching on fire, people blowing fingers off toes,” He said.

Even with the warning signs, . Robles said that people often don't realize how dangerous fireworks can be. “Don't come in here with cigarettes. Stay away.

You got cigarettes stay away. Just come in here and be ready to be safe. Because we all want to go home,” he said.

Police said the man who is seriously injured after the firework went off in his hand won't face charges. Officers recommend people should read the instructions before setting off fireworks to avoid any accidents.